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We Are
Legacy of Change

Our Mission

The Supreme Court's alarming decision to rescind the civil rights of 50% of American citizens cannot be ignored.  Our primary goal right now is to begin the fight to win back our rights.  We are doing this in three ways:

1. Providing draft legislation that legislators can bring forward immediately.

2. Lobbying for our legislation to be passed.

3. Lobbying for candidates that support our mission.

Our fight will not stop here though.  There are many civil rights battles to fight.  We will be on the front lines of these battles, fighting for freedom and equality for all.

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The Hard Truth


 The risk of death in childbirth is 14 times higher than that from an abortion for American women


3.7% is the rate of abortion in countries that outlaw abortion.  In coutries where abortion is legal, the rate is 3.4%


3 out of every five Americans believe that abortion should be legal in most or all cases.

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